The curtain for the age of 5G communication has just been unveiled, which provides infinite possibilities for human exploration of the integration between Internet and scenes of daily life, and therefore ushers an explosive growth for the IoT-based wearable smart device and service.

With acute insight, a senior entrepreneur for mobile phone manufacturing from the leading country of IT industry—China, together with another partner from China too, researched and developed in 2014 the first-generation Android-based smart watch—DigitalSHIELD-01, which is based on Silicon Valley technology andmade in Shenzhen and launched right before IWATCH from Apple Inc. The products were so popular for a time among fanciers from United States and China that caused supply shortage for several times.

A senior artisan and executive from a century-old watchmaking enterprise in Switzerland has, out of extremely optimistic expectation on DigitalSHIELD-01, achieved cooperation with the developers to jointly develop the second-generation product, through many ways, thus embarked a courageous journey on manufacturing smart watches with Bluetooth communication function of second-generation Swissdigital-02, on the basis of traditional watches made in Switzerland.

A group of investors from different sectors continuously get involved in this future project.One of them is Quanzhou New Hunter Bag &Luggages (Light Industry) Co., Ltd., which has luckily become one of the strategic and financial investors of SWISSDIGITAL. As one of the global leaders in traditional luggage production, Quanzhou New Hunter has stood out in successive rounds of industry reshuffles due to its long-term acute insight. It will apply technology of Swissdigital-02 to develop charging system for smart luggage of first generation in the world, and will apply several smart wearable technologies such as GPRS in the luggage field. It has taken the lead in such development and owned several world-leading technical patents.

With a new dream, capitals across time and space, and a gathering of talents, Swissdigital Wearable AG Inc. was born. The smart wearable brand “Swissdigital” from Switzerland is making a steady step in approaching its consumers. Both the two generations of smart watches Swissdigital-02 and Swissdigital-03 made in Switzerland have gone through more than two years of research and development, testing, improvement, and production. Swissdigital-02 made its world debut in December 2016 and gained its popularity again,while Swissdigital-03 has been constantly broken through technical barriers and will be presented to consumers in the foreseeable future.

With optimization of structure of investors, business pattern, and product line, Swissdigital has achieved upgrading again and again. The brand new products have adopted the structural design of the newest Swiss smart quartz watch in its logo that highlights the original character and core sources. The combination of black, white and silver grey in the color has rightly demonstrated not only the brand wisdom but also a sense of science and technology. And this is exactly where the core spirit of Swissdigital lies—we inherit the exquisite artisan and craftsmanship of Switzerland, and then take advantages of modern IT technology to upgrade the traditional work, thus, to create products that contain a fresh new concept integrating IoT technology.

As one of the investors for the projects of Swissdigital, Quanzhou New Hunter Bag &Luggages(Light Industry) Co., Ltd. has gained manufacturing right and global distribution right of the brand in field of smart luggage, truly demonstrating that technology changes tradition.

It is an encountering between traditional classics and modern technology. 5G communication has opened up a new world for wide exploration and application of the IoT world. It is inevitable for the IoT-based wearable smart device to become a new trend in the new world. Swissdigital will take quality, innovation and life as the tenet, take the aggressive spirit of innovation as guidance, and adhere to an attitude of intelligence, preciseness and concentration, to provide diversified high-quality smart wearable products to meet various demands of customers across the world and lead the trend of development in this area. We are looking forward to experiencing the new world of smart products with our customers together!

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